Welcome back….Now Get to Work!

Welcome back to the first day of block two of Bio Bus Jalan Jalan. For the Bio Bus, the first day does not mean less work, and because of this we all got down to it quickly and efficiently. We had a team go to Hubud to prepare a presentation for potential sponsors. We received lots of positive feedback to continue polishing our presentation to perfection.
We had two groups of grease police going out to “serve and collect.” Overall, this week we have managed to collect 213 litres of used cooking oil! Well done grease police, and thank you to all the restaurants and warungs for all your continued support! Furthermore, our team managed to snag the contact details of a few other places we could potentially collect oil from!
Another team went to Lengis Hijau, and experimented making new molds for our bar soap which are lemon scented. Our bar soap is completely eco-friendly and produces 0% waste. We had an amazing team helping us! Rahma, Tessa, Marein from Green School, and Umi from Lingis Hijau.
It is amazing to see all this enthusiasm coming from so many different places, reminding us of why we started the Bio Bus in the first place. This only
fuels our hope of a cleaner transportation system for the future.
Along with the grease police and lengis hijau team, was a group of students collecting signatures for our ongoing petition. We collected up to 40 signatures only today! Don’t forget you can also get involved, just by heading over to our website (gsbiobus.org) and placing your signature in the petition too!
Lastly, back at school we had a group of seniors brainstorming and discussing potential paths the Bio Bus could take that would not only be their senior legacy, but would also further spread awareness, (and implementation) on our social enterprise.

Just to remind you, we have a workshop coming up on October 26th at the Parent Association meeting with Pak Rodney about how to change to biofuel. Please be there and show us your support!

We also have an amazing event coming up on November 27th. There’s going to be a soap making workshop, soap carving competition, and of course cold beverages if you want to take a break.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

By Tya Nilsen and Britt Koens 

Biofuel – No War Required

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again!

We have some amazing news to share with you guys. At the farmers market, we are going to sell our very first… Bio Soap Bar Soap! This soap is made from 100% byproduct of the biodiesel process.  It is glycerine and a very moisturizing type of soap.  It is recommended as a hand soap.  What a great product to continue to fulfill our zero waste vision! Your support is greatly appreciated… But that’s not all,

We have just installed the very first 100% biodiesel pump station in Indonesia at Green School!

And guess what? It’s powered by solar energy!

Come to our workshop on October 26 to learn more about how to run your diesel vehicle on biodiesel. There’s also a Parent EXPO on September 30. Come and see how you can get involved with the Bio Bus social enterprise. Can it become any more exciting?

We will be announcing these things at the assembly just in case you forget. This is definitely one of the most exciting events I’ve heard about all week!

We also have a petition you can sign just outside of the Bio Bus office. This week, The Grease Police Team have collected an estimated 250 liters of used cooking oil. Help us make that number grow by bringing your used cooking oil to our office/our stand/one of our team members. Have a greasy great day!



By Britt Koens.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Today was a bittersweet day for the Bio Bus team. While we do look forward to the summer break (who wouldn’t), it is sad to think that this is the last day some of us will ever be gathered together again. Today was the last day of the Bio Bus Jalan Jalan of this semester. A few of our members will be leaving us to graduate, and move on with their lives, while others will be going on to Earthbound, to further spread awareness of our amazing hard work. It was a sad moment, but we did not let ourselves stay down for long. In fact, we took advantage of this moment, and went out to celebrate. We spent the first part of the morning congratulating our superb team members Kyla and Maxwell, who represented us all throughout their presentation at TEDxUbud last saturday! Well done to those two! They did an amazing job, and we received many compliments after (even all the way at Rumah Sanur!) We then proceeded to discuss our day plans and jobs making sure the whole group knew what they were doing, so as to not get distracted by our next plan of action. We went to Ubud. Yes all 30 of us took two buses, and headed up to enjoy a breakfast together, as the last gathering of this year. It must have looked odd to people there, seeing a stamped of students marching up the stairs (we had booked the whole top floor) and taking over that space. What to them, may have seemed like a relaxing breakfast excursion, was actually a creative and hard working opportunity for the Bio Bus team. As we enjoyed our delicious drinks and foods, we brainstormed all the accomplishments the Bio Bus has done so far, and what we were hoping to accomplish for the coming months. It was amazing to see all that has been done written on paper. From some small group of students-in-need-of-science-credit making soap, to a fully running Enterprise. From selling soap occasionally when there was time, to being fully prepared for every farmer’s market in various places on island. From one bus, to three. And from nothing, to being asked to attend events like Earth Hour, GIN, and TEDxUbud. Looking at it, just filled us with awe and satisfaction at just how much work we’ve done. We then wrote our hopes and dreams for the future of the Bio Bus. The room was filled with excited chatter as we brainstormed and jotted down our ideas. The theme was Dream Big. And we sure did. All the ideas and plans mentioned today, just fills us with more excitement at the potential and possibilities the Bio Bus has to further do good, and do well.
After doing all this, we nearly forgot about Sustainable Solutions happening next week! The Bio Bus will be having a booth where we’ll continue to spread our message, and we’ll also be hosting a Bio Soap making workshop. Where you will learn how to make your own hard bar of soap and be able to take it home! Make sure you join us on saturday, we’re more than excited to see you all there.
The Bio Bus team could not have been what it is today without the amazing help and support from Kyle and Camilo. We’d like to give a big shoutout to them, for constantly reminding us of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. They’ve given us so many learning experiences that we are sure to take with us to further continue our life and our future. Without them, the Bio Bus would not run as smoothly as it does now. And of course, a HUGE shoutout to the rest of the team, because we always manage to get things done, no matter our obstacle. And we always manage to get it done with a good sense of humour and much enthusiasm.
The Bio Bus would like to thank the community for all its continued support in all aspects of this enterprise, and for individually contributing to making sure we create a safer, better, and cleaner future for transportation.
Thank you, Thank you, So many thank you’s to everyone who has been involved directly, or indirectly.
We look forward to seeing you all again next year.
But for now,
Ride on!
TEDxUbud Saturday

TEDxUbud Saturday

The Bio Bus team is buzzing with frantic and exciting energy today, as we prepare for our presentation at TEDxUbud this saturday! We have Kyla and Maxwell repeating lines, and practicing continuously. We have a team of hard working students bottling, cleaning, and putting stickers on 300 (!!) bottles of soap. The talk will also be broadcasted live at the Rumah Sanur, where we will also be having a booth! Feel free to head over and support our presenters! The Bio Bus will be helping with transportation. If you are in need of a ride, please email us at bio.bus@greenschool.org.
But that’s not all! On friday we will be hosting a car wash! Bring your cars over to the green school parking lot for the “greenest car wash in Bali.” We’ll be using Bio Soap, and all the grey water contributes to watering the grass, instead of being thrown away. It will be 50,000 per car, and 20,000 per scooter. For more information, please contact Emma through emma.titley@greenschool.org.
We will also be selling Bio Bus T-shirts, and providing more jerry cans this friday at farmer’s market! Don’t forget to treat yourself to one of our shirts, and get yourself a jerry can, fully immersing yourself in cleaning up the environment.
Speaking of jerry cans, our grease police went to Canggu today, and we collected up to 228 litres of used cooking oil!
Bio Bus also has a snapchat now! Follow @gsbiobus to get updates on what happens behind the scenes. We update every wednesday!
The team would also like to remind you that the Bio Bus is always up for sponsorships. If you are organisation interested in working with us, please contact us. We would love to have your logo on our bus!
Cross Country vs. Bio Bus

Cross Country vs. Bio Bus

With a big event like cross country last week, it was easy to get distracted by trying to cheer on all our friends. Nevertheless, our team still managed to get our work done! Today we collected 180 litres of used cooking oil in total, which only encourages us to collect even more over the next few days! We hope you’ve also started getting involved! Remember you can always pick up your own personal jerry can to become a grease police officer, and help us take used cooking oil out of the black market supply chain!
We realised today that preparing for the TEDxUbud Talk was harder than we thought! A special thanks to the interns who helped us bottle around, 100 little bottles of soap today. That leaves only 200 more to go!
Don’t forget to come watch and support our fellow Bio Bus members on the 28th of May, where they’ll be speaking about our story, and accomplishments. The presentation will also be broadcasted live at the Rumah Sanur. Bio Bus will be helping with transportation, for those who would like a ride. If you are interested in hopping on for a ride, please email bio.bus@greenschool.org.