Here at Bio Bus, we do a lot to incorporate our community into everything we do. Whether that’s sending our team to Paris for the COP21 or working with the wonderful students at Kul Kul Connection, we know that maintaining strong relationships with everyone involved with Bio Bus is what keeps us running. We like to involve our community as much as we can because a sustainable future requires everyone to take action and work together.

Lengis Hijau – Partner Biodiesel Factory

Without Yayasan Lengis Hijau, Bio Bus would not exist.  We work closely with the biodiesel plant to ensure we are, in a concerted fashion, providing clean transportation in Bali.  Green School students make regular trips to Lengis Hijau. We deliver used cooking oil to them weekly and visit them to fill up our buses. Furthermore, Lengis Hijau is an off-site classroom to Green School students.  At Lengis Hijau, we learn the chemistry of transesterification and develop soaps with conversion byproducts.  You can often see us together at sustainability events in Indonesia.  We have formed a great bond!

Sign the Petition to Stop the Use of Used Cooking Oil

Black market economics of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) are entrenched in Bali, and this activity significantly erodes the health and environment of Bali. UCO is often used well beyond expiry and can be reheated 20+ times for frying food.  To make matters worse, middlemen may bleach or pump the UCO with chemicals before reselling it to local eateries. Foods fried in this oil are known to contain carcinogens and have been linked to pulmonary disease. Rivers are another frequent final destination for UCO. Dumping UCO into rivers causes acidification and affects Bali’s watersheds and ecosystems. Polluted water threatens irrigation for staple foods and stresses coral reef ecosystems.

This petition, which was created by Yayasan Lengia Hijau, advocates for more regulation and policy on the reuse of UCO in order to prevent it from reaching the black market. We help gather signatures to demand the preservation of our environment and public health in accordance with the Green Globe certification and Tri Hita Karana Award.

Bio Bus Exchange Program

The “Grease Police” is our Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Bio Soap exchange program. On Wednesdays, the Grease Police patrols the streets of Sibang, Ubud, Canggu, and beyond, collecting used cooking oil from local warungs and restaurants in exchange for our homemade Bio Soap. This program helps preserve the environment and the health of Bali and provides our partner, Lengis Hijau, with a supply of UCO to be converted into biodiesel.  Donate your used cooking oil to Bio Bus by bringing it to the Bio Bus office across the Green School Farm Stand at Green School or by emailing us for a pick up.

Participating Restaurants

Want to get involved and earn your badge? You can join the “Grease Police” by stopping by the Bio Bus office to pick up your own jerry can. The next time you go out to eat, bring your jerry can and ask for “Minyak Jelantah”.  In many cases, restaurants are happy to give it up and free their conscience of what might otherwise be happening to their Used Cooking Oil.