Liquid Dirty Gold Haul

Liquid Dirty Gold Haul

Today on the Bio Bus, we received an abundance of new members! Nearly 20 students have come to join our social enterprise, showing their willingness to learn, and eagerness to help. This only reminds us of why we do the things we do, and it is amazing to see that it attracts the attention of a huge group of students, especially from our own community.
On the topic of students, we also have our upcoming TEDxUbud talk! Kyla and Maxwell, two long term members of our team, are going to be presenting and representing the Bio Bus in Ubud on May 28th. The Ted will also be broadcasted live at the Rumah Sanur. Bio Bus will be helping with transportation, for those who would like a ride. If you are interested in hopping on for a ride, please email Feel free to come watch and support them, we would love to see all of you there!
We would like to give a special shoutout to Old Man’s. Over the past two weeks they have donated over 300 litres of used cooking oil! This not only fuels our bus, but also cuts  the supply chain of used cooking oil in the black market! 300 litres is enough to make sure one of our buses runs for at least a month. It is also 300 litres less of dangerous used cooking oil ending up in our bodies and oceans.
We would like to inform you that YOU can also get directly involved with helping cut the black market supply chain on used cooking oil. The Bio Bus office has lots of spare jerry cans for people to pick up and start collecting used cooking oil from restaurants and neighbours! Feel free to come pick up your personal jerry can, and become a Grease Police Officer!
Lastly, the Bio Bus is always up for sponsorships. If you are organisation interested in working with us, please contact us. We would love to have your logo on our bus.
Bio Bus Anniversary

Bio Bus Anniversary

In case you haven’t heard, last friday was the Bio Bus one year anniversary. Almost the whole Bio Bus team got up on stage and each told a quick summary of how they happened upon the Bio Bus, and what it means to them. It was a crowded stage full of touching and tear-jerking speeches. We even managed to get two of our Green School alumni (Adam and Cazmir) to come up on stage and had Aaron present a poem he made! What a crazy, jam-packed, whirlwind of a year it has been for the Bio Bus.
Also last week we had a pre-sale of some sample prototypes of our hard bar soap. Our final recipe is almost ready, meaning some bar soaps are coming for the market real soon!
This week, we have some exciting things happening too! By continuing to pursue our grease police program, we have succeeded in gaining the full support of three restaurants willing to exchange their used cooking oil. They are: Old Man’s in Canggu, Green Ginger Noodle House in Berawa, and (Japanese Restaurant) in Ubud!
Our upcoming TEDxUbud talk only brings more good news. We have been told that Kyla and Maxwell’s speech, is one of the stand outs for this batch of presentations in Ubud!
And last but not least, we have Earth Day just around the corner. Next week, we have been asked to prepare some exciting workshops for the younger children, to learn more about sustainable transportation and the “road to zero waste”. We encourage you to bring your kids for a day of fun, and knowledgeable education!

Weekly Update

Good news! The Bio Bus is releasing multiple samples of our hard bar soaps this friday, come to the farmer’s market and tell us which you like best!
Also this friday we will have an abundance of  jerry cans prepared in our office. We encourage you, as members of our community to please take action and start collecting your own cooking oil, and those of your neighbours.
Another exciting thing that has happened this week is our new Bio Bus video. Click the link below to check it out, like it, and share it with your friends!
A reminder that Bio Bus is also looking for sponsorships! If you are organisation interested in working with us, please contact us. We would love to have your logo on our bus.