Today was a bittersweet day for the Bio Bus team. While we do look forward to the summer break (who wouldn’t), it is sad to think that this is the last day some of us will ever be gathered together again. Today was the last day of the Bio Bus Jalan Jalan of this semester. A few of our members will be leaving us to graduate, and move on with their lives, while others will be going on to Earthbound, to further spread awareness of our amazing hard work. It was a sad moment, but we did not let ourselves stay down for long. In fact, we took advantage of this moment, and went out to celebrate. We spent the first part of the morning congratulating our superb team members Kyla and Maxwell, who represented us all throughout their presentation at TEDxUbud last saturday! Well done to those two! They did an amazing job, and we received many compliments after (even all the way at Rumah Sanur!) We then proceeded to discuss our day plans and jobs making sure the whole group knew what they were doing, so as to not get distracted by our next plan of action. We went to Ubud. Yes all 30 of us took two buses, and headed up to enjoy a breakfast together, as the last gathering of this year. It must have looked odd to people there, seeing a stamped of students marching up the stairs (we had booked the whole top floor) and taking over that space. What to them, may have seemed like a relaxing breakfast excursion, was actually a creative and hard working opportunity for the Bio Bus team. As we enjoyed our delicious drinks and foods, we brainstormed all the accomplishments the Bio Bus has done so far, and what we were hoping to accomplish for the coming months. It was amazing to see all that has been done written on paper. From some small group of students-in-need-of-science-credit making soap, to a fully running Enterprise. From selling soap occasionally when there was time, to being fully prepared for every farmer’s market in various places on island. From one bus, to three. And from nothing, to being asked to attend events like Earth Hour, GIN, and TEDxUbud. Looking at it, just filled us with awe and satisfaction at just how much work we’ve done. We then wrote our hopes and dreams for the future of the Bio Bus. The room was filled with excited chatter as we brainstormed and jotted down our ideas. The theme was Dream Big. And we sure did. All the ideas and plans mentioned today, just fills us with more excitement at the potential and possibilities the Bio Bus has to further do good, and do well.
After doing all this, we nearly forgot about Sustainable Solutions happening next week! The Bio Bus will be having a booth where we’ll continue to spread our message, and we’ll also be hosting a Bio Soap making workshop. Where you will learn how to make your own hard bar of soap and be able to take it home! Make sure you join us on saturday, we’re more than excited to see you all there.
The Bio Bus team could not have been what it is today without the amazing help and support from Kyle and Camilo. We’d like to give a big shoutout to them, for constantly reminding us of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. They’ve given us so many learning experiences that we are sure to take with us to further continue our life and our future. Without them, the Bio Bus would not run as smoothly as it does now. And of course, a HUGE shoutout to the rest of the team, because we always manage to get things done, no matter our obstacle. And we always manage to get it done with a good sense of humour and much enthusiasm.
The Bio Bus would like to thank the community for all its continued support in all aspects of this enterprise, and for individually contributing to making sure we create a safer, better, and cleaner future for transportation.
Thank you, Thank you, So many thank you’s to everyone who has been involved directly, or indirectly.
We look forward to seeing you all again next year.
But for now,
Ride on!