Bio Buzzing Busy

Hey guys! It’s the Bio Bus. We wanted to tell you about an event that happened about a week ago on Friday. We had a Bio Soap  “Give Used Cooking Oil a Second Life” Soap Carving Contest where professional carvers from all over Bali came and carved soap to win. The winner of the competition was the Swan design. Here in Bali, the swan is a common sculpture and is closely associated with Dewi Saraswati. The Swan’s sensitive beak is believed to be a symbol of the ability to differentiate good from bad. Before using the knowledge of Saraswati, it is important to differentiate between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In 2nd place, was the Ganesha design. Here in Bali, Ganesha is a dearly beloved deity. This carving is a rich cultural and religious representation of the Island of the Gods. This event was by far the most artistic, locally empowering, and creatively conceived event yet from the Lengis Hijau and Bio Bus Partnership. First we than all Balinese Carvers for participating and applying this customary art form. Terima Kasih Innok Setyawan, Tri Hermawan and the Yayasan Lengis HIJAU – YLH crew, Wayan, Yunis and others. Thanks Ra Saren and Agung Berlyn for organizing for the Green School side. Thank you our distinguished judges Indonesian Arts Institute ~ ISI Denpasar Bali, Jason Gutzmer, Pak Ira, and Bali Tourism Board. Certainly it was not easy to task with so much talent in the contest! Thanks Taj Minter and Britt Koens for the photo journalism! Jayden Ibrahim your graphic design work was brilliant! Big Suksma to Faisal, Bio Bus Driver aka Gunk Doublet and the carvers from your Banjar. Sophie Daubisse it is a pleasure to work with you on events! Rahma Nur Adzhani and Saniy Amalia Priscila, we made it happen! Thanks for the all the preplanning girls! And of course thanks John A Hardy inspiring sustainability spirit in Bali and Green School for always dreaming and doing.

Just a quick reminder, we have our new Grease Police T-shirts “to serve and collect” on sale, local essential oil scented candles, and of course our very own Bio Soap for sale at the farmers market this week.
Britt Koens.