With a big event like cross country last week, it was easy to get distracted by trying to cheer on all our friends. Nevertheless, our team still managed to get our work done! Today we collected 180 litres of used cooking oil in total, which only encourages us to collect even more over the next few days! We hope you’ve also started getting involved! Remember you can always pick up your own personal jerry can to become a grease police officer, and help us take used cooking oil out of the black market supply chain!
We realised today that preparing for the TEDxUbud Talk was harder than we thought! A special thanks to the interns who helped us bottle around, 100 little bottles of soap today. That leaves only 200 more to go!
Don’t forget to come watch and support our fellow Bio Bus members on the 28th of May, where they’ll be speaking about our story, and accomplishments. The presentation will also be broadcasted live at the Rumah Sanur. Bio Bus will be helping with transportation, for those who would like a ride. If you are interested in hopping on for a ride, please email bio.bus@greenschool.org.