Bio Bus was originally created as a student initiative. Naturally, then, education has always been a big part of our enterprise. Bio Bus is incorporated into several classes here at the Green School, from the Wednesday Jalan Jalan program to math classes lead by the founder Kyle King. Bio Soap is another huge part of Bio Bus, but, perhaps surprisingly, it had humble beginnings. It started as a simple soap making Jalan Jalan class before turning into a full-fledged student enterprise project.


This course integrates mathematics and enterprise studies into a ‘Green Math’ class. In this class, students work to develop a bar soap recipe that uses used cooking oil as a primary ingredient. The recipes which turn out to be the most successful are brought to the market under the Bio Soap name. Other activities include cost calculations, pricing, and further marketing.


You will be making history during this class. On November 4th, 2016 the Bio Bus Social Enterprise will open the first 100% Biodiesel Fuel Station in Indonesia. This will be no easy feat and will require accounting skills that will support successful costing and pricing of selling Biodiesel. It will require effective campaigning to educate the public on Biodiesel, not to mention target our market segment.


This course aims to analyse the costs/benefits of the Bio Bus. This is a math and enterprise studies class which takes apart the fiscal and statistical aspects of the Bio Bus enterprise and uses this material to increase the student’s understanding of mathematical and economical concepts.


Not Ridin' Dirty

Roll up your sleeves to do something with all this Bio Bus data and run some numbers. We will look at the business model of our partnering biodiesel plant, Lengis Hijau to determine where we can find more synergy in this partnership.

Carbon, Carbon…

As the Earth’s human population sprints toward the 7 billion mark, humanity is faced with a number of serious environmental problems, perhaps the most formable being global warming.


Making soap is a fickle thing and you must prove your math skills to get it right, otherwise you will end up with a rancid sweaty batch of quasi soap. In this class you will work to develop a bar soap recipe that must include used cooking oil.



The liquid soaps were the first product we created using glycerin, which is the bi-product of the making of bio diesel. we then branched out to making hard soaps using used cooking oil and other natural ingredients. Bio soap is a multi-purpose soap that is non-toxic, biodegradable, hand-made, environmentally friendly, and non animal tested. Our soaps are lemon grass scented, as it is a natural anti-septic. Last but not least Bio Soap does not directly contribute to deforestation.

The candles are also hand made by the students, and are also produced from natural ingredients such as beeswax, used cooking oil, and a range of natural essential oils.

Bio Bus has two t-shirts, one being the official bio bus enterprise shirt and the other dedicated to our grease police, who patrol the streets collecting our used cooking oil.

The bumper stickers are a range of different slogans and small phrases generated by the students, that are perfect for any vehicle as they are simple designs that promote the use of bio diesel and a cleaner lifestyle.

Public Service Announcements