Welcome back….Now Get to Work!

Welcome back to the first day of block two of Bio Bus Jalan Jalan. For the Bio Bus, the first day does not mean less work, and because of this we all got down to it quickly and efficiently. We had a team go to Hubud to prepare a presentation for potential sponsors. We received lots of positive feedback to continue polishing our presentation to perfection.
We had two groups of grease police going out to “serve and collect.” Overall, this week we have managed to collect 213 litres of used cooking oil! Well done grease police, and thank you to all the restaurants and warungs for all your continued support! Furthermore, our team managed to snag the contact details of a few other places we could potentially collect oil from!
Another team went to Lengis Hijau, and experimented making new molds for our bar soap which are lemon scented. Our bar soap is completely eco-friendly and produces 0% waste. We had an amazing team helping us! Rahma, Tessa, Marein from Green School, and Umi from Lingis Hijau.
It is amazing to see all this enthusiasm coming from so many different places, reminding us of why we started the Bio Bus in the first place. This only
fuels our hope of a cleaner transportation system for the future.
Along with the grease police and lengis hijau team, was a group of students collecting signatures for our ongoing petition. We collected up to 40 signatures only today! Don’t forget you can also get involved, just by heading over to our website (gsbiobus.org) and placing your signature in the petition too!
Lastly, back at school we had a group of seniors brainstorming and discussing potential paths the Bio Bus could take that would not only be their senior legacy, but would also further spread awareness, (and implementation) on our social enterprise.

Just to remind you, we have a workshop coming up on October 26th at the Parent Association meeting with Pak Rodney about how to change to biofuel. Please be there and show us your support!

We also have an amazing event coming up on November 27th. There’s going to be a soap making workshop, soap carving competition, and of course cold beverages if you want to take a break.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

By Tya Nilsen and Britt Koens 

Biofuel – No War Required

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again!

We have some amazing news to share with you guys. At the farmers market, we are going to sell our very first… Bio Soap Bar Soap! This soap is made from 100% byproduct of the biodiesel process.  It is glycerine and a very moisturizing type of soap.  It is recommended as a hand soap.  What a great product to continue to fulfill our zero waste vision! Your support is greatly appreciated… But that’s not all,

We have just installed the very first 100% biodiesel pump station in Indonesia at Green School!

And guess what? It’s powered by solar energy!

Come to our workshop on October 26 to learn more about how to run your diesel vehicle on biodiesel. There’s also a Parent EXPO on September 30. Come and see how you can get involved with the Bio Bus social enterprise. Can it become any more exciting?

We will be announcing these things at the assembly just in case you forget. This is definitely one of the most exciting events I’ve heard about all week!

We also have a petition you can sign just outside of the Bio Bus office. This week, The Grease Police Team have collected an estimated 250 liters of used cooking oil. Help us make that number grow by bringing your used cooking oil to our office/our stand/one of our team members. Have a greasy great day!



By Britt Koens.