The Carbon Grease Marketing Hub

Hi! It’s the Bio Bus! These are our departments and what their missions are.

Project Carbon Zero

Project Carbon Zero was an idea of Green School Bali, but was eventually put in motion by 2 Green School students and is powered by the Bio Bus. Project Carbon Zero’s mission is to eventually change the world and make it a better place. Their participants are Tijn, Gede, Marein, Nicki, Marcel, Aga. This project works in the jalan jalan time of the Bio Bus. Carbon Zero’s goal is to get data, and make people use less carbon. Their 3 main anchors are: Reduce, Educate, and Insight. Their starting goal was to get the Green School’s (GS) carbon level to 00000. When they started this project, they never would have guessed how difficult and complex this project really was. They also started out calling this project Carbon Tax, but then they brainstormed and realised the cultural thoughts and negative reactions they get when the word Tax is used. Tax is a word that is very controversial and has a bad concept. They looked at the word through a cultural lens and found that in Bali the word is associated with corruption, and since they’re based in Bali, they needed to take this in concern. They already have a timeline of 12 months, planning ahead 1 whole year, and are already going to present to the GS board. It is difficult to change adults, and children will inherit this Earth, so Carbon Zero wants to empower children to change adults.

The Grease Police

Our Grease Police team is the very core of the Bio Bus. The Grease Police go around Bali with our bus and collect used cooking oil (UCO) to turn into biodiesel for our busses. In return for the UCO that they collect from the restaurants, hotels, and local warungs they give them our BioSoap. Our Bio Soap is made with the byproduct from our biodiesel , Glycerin. Glycerin is found in many beauty products like toothpaste, shaving cream, and more. The Grease Police usually collect around 300 liters of biodiesel every week. The UCO then goes to Lengis Hijau (our proud partner), who turn the UCO into biodiesel . The Grease Police team’s mission is to get UCO out of the black market and to educate people about the consequences of the way we handle UCO. Our buses fuel them and they fuel our buses.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team designs our T-shirts, logos, stickers, slogans, and about anything you can think of. They spend their time in meetings and are looking for more supporters for the Bio Bus. They are very much behind the scenes but have a huge impact on the Bio Bus and our community. Their participants are Gaia, Gayatri, Ananda, and Caterina and Pak Kyle contribute to the meetings. They have designed Bio Bus bumper stickers, slogans, t-shirts, and stickers & are currently designing Bio Bike logos, tshirts, sticker, and slogans. Gayatri has been updating our website on the side as well. They design with us and for us, helping the Bio Bus in so many ways.

Innovation Hub

We are getting a space in the Innovation Hub just outside of GS. The space is a meeting space and a lab. Were also getting a glycerin purifier so we can make more products and improve our products. This means that we can make beauty products like moisturizer, etc. and make better soap. This means we can process more of our glycerin to use instead of shipping some of it to Korea where they have the technology we don’t have yet. This will also improve our productivity, since we will have more space. The Hub for ideas, improvement, and Bio Buzzin’.

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By Britt Koens.