Transportation is at the center of our program. We currently have 6 buses in total, all of which run to and from school several times a day to pick up and drop off students, teachers, staff, and parents. The Bio Bus is also used for field trips during school hours and is available for hire.

Ticket Package

One-Semester ticket: 4.750.000 IDR (348 USD)

Half-Semester Ticket: 2.750.000 IDR (201 USD)

One-way ticket          : 50.000 IDR (3,6 USD)

One-way ticket: Purchase could be made by settling down the money to the bus supervisor, no early email or notification required.

Semester Ticket: Please fill out the form bellow by clicking “Book Your Seat” button. Once you filled out the form, the invoice will be sent out maximum one day after.

*For Semester-ticket Only


Cafe Vespa

Nyuh Kuning Football Field

Canggu Minimart

Royal Sporthorse Bali

Warung Tipat Kaples



Morning Pick Up:





    Afternoon Drop Off:




    *ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival could be earlier or a bit later, depending on the traffic. Therefore, we encourage parents to be at the stop points at least 5 minutes before the time.

    Bio Bus Rides Policy

    Pick Up/Drop Off
    • Only paid students are permitted to ride the bus, and they will be required to get on and off at their designated stop. If a student desires to get of the bus at a stop other than the normal stop, the student is required to notify the supervisor. If it concerns a primary student, parents should notify the supervisor.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to arrive at their bus stops five (5) minutes before the scheduled time of pick-up. Parents of primary students have to wait with their children until the bus arrives and they have checked in with the supervisor.
    • The bus driver will make every effort to arrive at the bus stop at the scheduled time for pick up. If the bus arrives early, the driver will wait until the scheduled time before departing. In order to remain on schedule, the driver cannot wait at any stop beyond the scheduled pickup time. Take home times are considered more flexible than pick up times, and it is possible that some children will be delivered to their stops earlier than scheduled.
    • During pick up, students are to stand three (3) meters back from the bus and not move towards the bus until it comes to a complete stop and opens its doors.
    • There will be no extra effort to find students that are not present for pick up or when departing from Green School even if their name is on the roster.
    • At the drop off (in the afternoon), the parent/representative of primary students must be present at the designated stop. If the parent/representative of a primary student isn’t present at the drop-off, the supervisor will attempt to communicate with the parent/representative. If this communication is unsuccessful, for safety reasons, the child will remain on the bus and return to school, where they can be picked up by their parents. If there are seats available on the late bus ride to the same drop-off, the supervisor can consider to let the student stay in the bus and be picked up at the drop off of the late bus. If the parent/representative is again not present at drop off of the late bus, the supervisor will attempt to communicate with the parent/representative again. If communications unsuccessful, for safety reasons, the child will remain on the bus and return to Green School again, where parents can pick up their child themselves. If this happens 3 times, the student will be suspended without any refunds. The student might be allowed again on the bus after mutual agreement with parents has been made.
    • Students are expected to behave in accordance with the Student Handbook Discipline Policy and IRESPECT Values.  Additional and specific policy to the bus includes:
      • Students will remain seated and face forward at all times when the bus is in motion.
      • Students will keep the noise levels respectful to others onboard and to the driver.
      • If necessary the bus driver or supervisor may assign designated seats to the students.
      • Students will walk to and from bus stops in an orderly manner without damaging property, disturbing the peace, or endangering themselves or others.
      • Personal entertainment devices, exclusively smartphones and tablets are permitted to Middle and High School students and can only be used with headphones. Inappropriate sites will not be tolerated.  
      • Middle and High School Students will sit towards the back of the bus
      • Students must comply with the drivers’ and supervisors’ directions for in case of emergencies.
      • Items left or lost on the bus are not the responsibility of the driver, supervisor nor Green School and will be turned into the Green School Lost and Found.
      • Parents/Guardians are responsible for any damage to vehicles or property caused directly by their children.
      • The riders have a mandate to put the seat belt on before the bus departs.
    Bus Driver
    • The bus driver will hold the license appropriate to driving the bus.
    • Erratic and unsafe driving will not be tolerated and grounds for dismissal of the bus driver.
    • The refund request could be made by contacting our team through email or Whatsapp. The 50% and prorate deduction will be made by calculating the number of days the passenger rode the bus. The refund request will not apply after the mid-term break.
    • The bus will at all times be supervised by at least one (1) high school student/parent/teacher and bus driver.
    • Students below Grade 4 are allowed to ride the bus only if accompanied by a sibling/family friend that is Grade 4 and above.
    • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If inappropriate behavior occurs, the student will be warned and the parents will be notified. If this happens 3 times, the student will be suspended without any refunds. The student might be allowed again on the bus after mutual agreement with parents has been made.

    Our first pump station located in our home base, Green School!

    100% Bio diesel, the first ever in Bali!
    While using B(100) you are contributing to a cleaner future by releasing less carbon emissions and you’re stopping the used cooking oil from being reused and dumped in the river. Be Bold B(100).

    Payment Process:
    First head to the Shanti house and pay according to your desired amount of fuel per litre. Then you will receive a receipt, which you may hand to the attendant at the fuel station and collect your bio diesel!
    IDR: 10,000/L

    To rent diesel cars you can contact:
    Made Gusta  / Sustainability Transportation Coordinator : +62 877 6036 8980

    Hire the Bio Bus for your entertainment, business, and adventure purposes