Ridin’ In September

A brand new month of zero wastin’ is about to come! This is the Bio Bus and we’d like to catch you up with the things we did today.

We did a reflection. We had to write our job description for Bio Bus, in other words what do we do? “We realise that this is a business, and we all have a role, a job, and in order for us to have success we have to do our work” – Pak Kyle
Then we had a short meeting and everyone had a chance to tell our team members what they do for the Bio Bus.
After that we watched the part in ‘Dirty Jobs’ (link below) where the biodiesel production was explained and demonstrated. It is funny how we don’t look at Grease Policin’ and the biodiesel production and management as a ‘dirty job’, we think it’s great! Greasy great in fact.
Our new Bio Bike T-Shirts and stickers are coming soon!
The Bio Bike is almost finished, the finishing touches are being made right now by Ihno, Marein and Pak IF at the benkel!
Our Grease Police are busy collecting our UCO, and are Bio Buzzin Busy! We had a great conversation with one of our Donors, the Elephant in Ubud, and they said: “We give you our used cooking oil because we know that it is good for the environment, and it’s not always about profit.”
And our website is getting updated right now! Have a look: https://www.gsbiobus.org/

Link to ‘Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe’: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2spidf

Thank you for your support!
Britt Koens.