We’ve got some greasy great news from the Bio Bus everybody! We just want to remind you of some things we said in the assembly.

First of all, let us remind you of how you can join us on the road to zero waste and promote renewables in Indonesia!
Hire for field trips, class parties, birthday parties, picking up and/or dropping off people at the airport, and anything else you can come up with.
You can now also rent a diesel vehicle and fill up your vehicle at the Bio Bus Pump Station! (More information on picture below). And, we still have seats available on our bus! (more information on picture below)

As usual Bio Bus students were busy this week. What did we do?
Well, Camilo, Ally, Mairah, Sheri, Wells, Yuki, Pedro and Gaia have been collecting used cooking oil (UCO) and signatures in Ubud, whilst
Pak Dan, Christian, Remi, Babette, Viva, Mara, Ananda, and Flynn have been collecting UCO and data.
William and Jayden have been collecting UCO from the GS Kitchen, and have also (together with Kyle) been making our very own liquid soap and bar soap.
Sophia and Maxwell have been working on updating the website, and I have been working on this article, the blog on our website, and photography.
Kyla has been editing the Bio Bus Story edition, and
Gayatri & Jordan have been designing the Bio Bus bumper stickers and designing a new Grease Police T-shirt.
Ibu Berlyn and Pak Endra are planning our Soap Carving Event (January 27th)
Maxwell and Sophia are having a meeting about our App.
Marein and Taj collected UCO in Ubud and they got 69 liters! Thank you Taksu, thank you Arang saté bar, Tutmak, Laughing Buddha, and Lotus Café. Also, something very exciting happening (which If, Ihno, Shiraz, and Dek are working on) is the experiment of our very own Bio Bikes!

Thank you for your support everyone!

Britt Koens.