Last weekend, Bio Bus was invited to attend the Earth Hour in Lapangan Puputan, Denpasar. We held a booth where people could ask questions about the Bio Bus and Bio Soap. People were asking whether it was actually possible to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel (to which we replied, yes! Of course!) and what exactly is bio diesel, what is the process of making it, what is glycerin? And why did we make soap from it? This caused much discussion, as we had many local students take interest in our stand. As it got later, we continued to spread our message and raise awareness by offering rides on the Bio Bus. Inside the bus we  were giving them information on our initiative, and what they can do to help. One of us (Maxwell) got interviewed by the MCs. They asked him questions on who we are, what we do, and a general summary. It was only towards the end of the interview that we noticed, he had a balloon attached to the hand he was holding the mic with. All in Green School spirit!
In the end, we were buzzing with how great it was to have a more local experience. It was different to what we were used too, but definitely an interesting learning opportunity to be a part of.
Bio Bus is also looking for sponsorships! If you are organisation interested in working with us, please contact us. We would love to have your logo on our bus.
Lastly, the Bio Bus has recently developed some hard bar soaps. Lookout for our new product which we will be releasing soon!