Last week, the Bio Bus attended the Global Issues Network (GIN) conference. It was such a fun and interesting experience in so many ways. First off, we got to do our own workshop, in which we did a quick 5 minute presentation on who/what we are and then made some soap! The students in the workshop seemed really enthusiastic about making soap, because when we finished, and we realised we have extra materials they were more than willing to make more! It was really fun, and we encountered a few others who didn’t get to attend our workshop, who really wished they had.

It was also really interesting to sit in on some of the other workshops that were being held at the conference. There were also some extremely mind opening speakers involved in the conference that was definitely worth the listen. The discussion part between students and speaker, towards the end of their talk, was also full of intelligent and well thought out questions and answers. All in all, it was a very impactful and fulfilling experience, and we hope to be able to attend more things like this, to continue to spread our message!

We have recently been invited to attend an event this Saturday for Earth Hour. We are going to have a booth there to further spread awareness of what the Bio Bus does and how we do it. The event starts at 4:30 in Puputan Park in Denpasar, and ends at 9:30. Come support us and join the Earth Hour!