Hi BioBus friends!
What’s Up guys? This school year we accepted new families and some of them are riding biobus to go to school.

Today we interview some of our new bio bus riders in green school. Here is what they said.

In their opinion, they are very happy to ride the bio bus, since this is an environmentally friendly vehicle and shortens their travel time. Bio bus is a very interesting program and they want bio bus to become even more sustainable. For them, riding the bio bus is different than riding other busses. And they said they are helping the environment by riding a sustainable bus. They think that because there is a bio bus in green school, they can reduce the used cooking oil in the black market in Bali. because they usually bring their used cooking oil to the black market to produce money. Now, they can bring it to bio bus to the better purpose.

the problem of used cooking oil has been very common in Bali. Restaurants use oil to make the main menu. then, the used cooking oil produced is also very much. according to the people we interview, with the bio bus, we can process used cooking oil into goods that are useful for everyday life. You guys may wondering why we collect a lot of used cooking oil to produce the fuel oil. Most of the people around the world use palm oil for cooking everyday, after cooking they will have used cooking oil and use it again repeatedly and they don’t know the dangerous of used cooking if they use it repeatedly for their health and the environment. So, biobus team created the fuel oil by used cooking oil.

Also, one person said that he is interested with bio bus t-shirt. He said probably bio bus can give free t-shirt to the person who bring the most used cooking oil.

By: Ayu Suciati, Nawi, Anggie, and Yuka.