Hey everyone!
Bio Bus has been pretty busy this Wednesday. Some of the things we have been doing are:

You might have noticed we have been interviewing GS cars 2 weeks ago. This was part of our most recent carpool audit, and we have been doing this to update our information. We completed the first carpool audit in 2014/2015, which led to the Bio Bus being launched. We want to thank you for your patience, and remind you that this is to improve the green spirit of the Green School.
We are evaluating the data now and will update you on this soon.
We are making a 6 week curriculum for a local school right here in Bali. The school is called ‘SMPN3’. We are working together with this school to educate the local children about the Bio Bus and what we do. Our main focus is giving science classes based on our soap and interacting with the local community.
Bio Bus is also integrating our program in Middle and Primary School. We are very happy we can share our knowledge with more students.
You can still buy our soap at the GS Farmers Market, and keep an eye out for our homemade, handmade candles.
Our Bio Bike shirts will be available soon, so get ready for the ride!
Please check out the video that Our New World posted about our program. If you want to check it out, please visit our Facebook page.
This video has helped us recruit four new donators, who the Grease Police will be visiting today. They collected an amazing 360 liters of used cooking oil today!!

Britt Koens and Sofia Salmenhaara