Hey guys, it’s the one and only Bio Bus again. We are going to tell you about something that we haven’t really reported about yet. The Grease Police! Here’s how our day went:


  • We looked for new cooking oil donors.
  • Then, we went to Arang State Bar, Laughing Buddha, The Elephant, Cafe Lotus, and Taksu.
  • From the generous Arang State Bar we got 36 liters, Laughing Buddha gave us 18 liters, from The Elephant we we got 26 liters, Cafe Lotus gave us 18, and from Taksu we also got 18 liters. Thank you guys!


Now some other things:

  • We just presented at the 2017 Hackathon in Canggu, at the Dojo.
  • We also did our soap making workshop.
  • Please fill your biodiesel vehicle up with our biodiesel!! For more information on where you can rent a diesel vehicle, or questions about anything, please contact Camilo or Kyle (emails listed under).
  • We will be selling our new product at the next farmers market. We are currently working on the logos for our Bio Candles.