Hey guys! It’s the Bio Bus again.

We’ve been pretty busy this Wednesday!

Some of our Bio Freaks (Taj, Marein, Ibu Berlyn, Dek and Jayden) had a meeting about a Soap Carving Event happening the 27th of January 2017. It’s a soap carving competition – a competition using our very own bio bar soap! Plus, there will be real judges and cold beverages to keep you company.

Pak Dan and his crew have been working on making a survey for hotels, warungs, big corporations, etc. to answer a couple of questions about where their used cooking oil (UCO) comes from, what they do with the UCO after they’ve used it, etc.

Also, Shiraz and William have been working on filling up soap bottles for all around campus and for inside your homes! They’ve also been working on cleaning up the Bio Bus office, cleaning our jerrycans, and more.

Our famous Grease Police Team got 11 jerrycans (150 liters) of UCO at Old Mans!!

Taj has made two (2) competition stations – 1 at the Bio Bus office, and 1 in the Heart of School (HOS) – which reminds me… please sign them to help support us take more UCO off the black market!

Thank you for your support!


Britt Koens.