Dear Bio Busers!

We can’t express in words all the things happening through the Bio Bus program, but we are truly  grateful and looking forward to all the things happening.

Our Bio Soap recipe is improving more and more, experimenting with new elements and quantities with the aim to produce the Bio Bar Soap! Now we just have to wait two weeks to see if the final result will be suitable for your body

Today we started our Used Cooking Oil Exchange Program: 6 new restaurants in Ubud are joining our program by giving us their UCO in exchange of Bio Soap.  Participating restaurants will receive a certificate that mentions their collaboration in a greener and more sustainable way of transportation thanks to their oil. They also have the option to get sponsored with a special banner in our buses, so if you have or know a restaurant that wants to be shown all over Bali through our buses, don’t doubt to contact us: You support is essential.

We keep on collecting used cooking oil from Sibang Kaja’s warungs with our Kul Kul and Green School students, all excited with their labor of making sure this golden liquid is introduced in our buses and lowering the CO2 emissions. Not to mention, keeping this out of the black market!

We also encourage you to deposit your used cooking oil in the Kembali station at Green School.  The exchange will apply and for every 5L you bring you will get a Bio Soap for free!

The Bio Bus Web will soooon be ready, keep updated and be prepared to see the amazing project the students have been working on to present a real Word Wide Web. Through the Jalan Jalan program our students are thriving  their abilities to create and interact in a real life project: graphic design, coding, writing, web mastering, designing, and presenting information about the Bio Bus project is all being made by the students. Wait to see their final product!

Final but not least, mention the great job everybody in the community is doing by using the Bio Bus service. The routes from Canggu and Ubud are working smoothly, attracting  more people to use our services and always willing to  be flexible and adapting to our riders needs.

Be ready to see us on Friday’s Assembly, we have some fresh insights we will come up with!

Remember to like and follow our GS Bio Bus Facebook page and Instagram, so you keep updated with all the things happening!

With love and excitement,

The Bio Bus Team