2016 has begun, and so have many new exciting projects. Our students, teachers and interns are hard at work designing apps, websites, products and more.

Due to the multitude of things that need to be accomplished, the Bio Bus team of diligent students has been split off into smaller groups to ensure for faster working.

During our Jalan Jalan classes on Wednesdays, students have begun preparing for the launch of the Bio Bus’ official website. The Einstein room has been full of brainstorming and keyboard clicks, as students discuss and apply their different page ideas to web themes.

Alongside this, we are working on one of our most exciting projects yet: the Exchange Program. The Exchange Program is an expansion project working to build partnerships with the local community as well as foreign hotels, resorts and restaurants to trade used cooking oil for Bio Soap. If you know any company that would be interested in our Exchange Program, please find us in the Tesla room at Green School or email us at bio.bus@greenschool.org