While in Paris, the Bio Bus team was exposed to many different fields connected to the COP21, we went along to many events, forums, meet ups. We went to a wide variety of events: from playing in a makeshift stage in a small band rehearsal lounge, to presenting at a catholic school for middle-schoolers, to attending a major corporate forum. The Bio Bus team was also open to many journalists and presenters willing to learn more about what we were doing here in Bali, the process, how it really helps the community and over all the world, and how us students were involved. We had many chances to speak to people all around the world of what we were doing and exchanging our knowledge with them, and overall teaching each other. The Bio Bus team held a stall at one of the events we had attended and had done a few presentations on what we did to international schools in Paris. The members in Paris of the Bio Bus team, were able to fully spread around what the Bio Bus is all about, truly advocating what we stood for and how we are playing our part in helping our world, showing everyone how we are “on the road to zero waste.”