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Who We Are


Bio Bus is on the road to zero waste, and we aim to transform transportation in Bali and inspire the world to live sustainably and educate dynamically.


Bio Bus is a social enterprise that provides green transportation to the Green School Community, improves health in villages, and offers unique experiential learning and leadership opportunities to students.

Trifecta Model

The Bio Bus runs 100% on biodiesel and is used by the students, teachers, parents and staff of the Green School community.  It is used for commuting and excursion learning.
Bio Bus incorporates education into its program primarily by offering classes at the Green School, such as math, science, environmental studies, and enterprise courses.
We work with the local students to collect used cooking oil around our community while exchanging knowledge and information about biofuel and our Bio Soap program.

Relevant Statistics

Liters of UCO Collected/Week

Number of Cars Displaced/Week

Tonnes of CO2 Reduced/Week


In January of 2015, the graduating class of the Green School conceived the idea of a “Bio Bus” as a part of their legacy service project. The idea was pitched as a biofueled “magic bus” that would help green the community’s transportation service and that would eventually expand to serve other parts of the island as well. Over the course of six months, the senior students worked endlessly to figure out how to develop a biodiesel school bus. And, with the help of their math teacher, they successfully problem solved their way to the launch of the Bio Bus pilot program in June of 2015.  The program has since been passed on to a team of students that have further developed it into a social enterprise.  Currently, the Bio Bus operates the only buses in Indonesia that run on 100% Biodiesel. Our 6 Bio Buses give thousands of rides each month and help spread awareness on the huge issues revolving around the use of used cooking oil in Indonesia. Recently, Bio Bus opened the first B(100) Pump Station in Indonesia. The Bio Bus Social Enterprise is excited to share their story with the whole world. Anyone out there who is ready or wishes to embark on a similar journey, please feel free to contact us. We would love to collaborate and help create a movement. Renewables are the way to go!


Since the demand is exploding, we launch a new per-semester ticketing system to simplify and accommodate all of our sustainable riders. Only one purchase and you ready to go with used-cooking-oil buses for the entire semester!

Students Kyla Langotsky and Maxwell Hidjat presenting the latest on Bio Bus at TEDxUbud in May
Green School CARBON ZERO!

How much carbon do you produce? Are you carbon sinner? Carbon calculator will tell you!
Four options you can do if you over the benchmark (3 Kg/CO2/day):
1. Donate UCO to Bio-Bus
2. Donate Used Plastic, Bottle, and Cans to Kembali
3. Carpooling
4. Donate money to local NGO or Green School Social Enterprise

Beta Test will be in Sustainable Solution on 16th April, keep stay tune!



Bio Bus Participation in the Sustainability World

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