Bio Survey!

Hi BioBus friends!
What’s Up guys? This school year we accepted new families and some of them are riding biobus to go to school.

Today we interview some of our new bio bus riders in green school. Here is what they said.

In their opinion, they are very happy to ride the bio bus, since this is an environmentally friendly vehicle and shortens their travel time. Bio bus is a very interesting program and they want bio bus to become even more sustainable. For them, riding the bio bus is different than riding other busses. And they said they are helping the environment by riding a sustainable bus. They think that because there is a bio bus in green school, they can reduce the used cooking oil in the black market in Bali. because they usually bring their used cooking oil to the black market to produce money. Now, they can bring it to bio bus to the better purpose.

the problem of used cooking oil has been very common in Bali. Restaurants use oil to make the main menu. then, the used cooking oil produced is also very much. according to the people we interview, with the bio bus, we can process used cooking oil into goods that are useful for everyday life. You guys may wondering why we collect a lot of used cooking oil to produce the fuel oil. Most of the people around the world use palm oil for cooking everyday, after cooking they will have used cooking oil and use it again repeatedly and they don’t know the dangerous of used cooking if they use it repeatedly for their health and the environment. So, biobus team created the fuel oil by used cooking oil.

Also, one person said that he is interested with bio bus t-shirt. He said probably bio bus can give free t-shirt to the person who bring the most used cooking oil.

By: Ayu Suciati, Nawi, Anggie, and Yuka.

SMPN3 School

Hey everyone!
Bio Bus has been pretty busy this Wednesday. Some of the things we have been doing are:

You might have noticed we have been interviewing GS cars 2 weeks ago. This was part of our most recent carpool audit, and we have been doing this to update our information. We completed the first carpool audit in 2014/2015, which led to the Bio Bus being launched. We want to thank you for your patience, and remind you that this is to improve the green spirit of the Green School.
We are evaluating the data now and will update you on this soon.
We are making a 6 week curriculum for a local school right here in Bali. The school is called ‘SMPN3’. We are working together with this school to educate the local children about the Bio Bus and what we do. Our main focus is giving science classes based on our soap and interacting with the local community.
Bio Bus is also integrating our program in Middle and Primary School. We are very happy we can share our knowledge with more students.
You can still buy our soap at the GS Farmers Market, and keep an eye out for our homemade, handmade candles.
Our Bio Bike shirts will be available soon, so get ready for the ride!
Please check out the video that Our New World posted about our program. If you want to check it out, please visit our Facebook page.
This video has helped us recruit four new donators, who the Grease Police will be visiting today. They collected an amazing 360 liters of used cooking oil today!!

Britt Koens and Sofia Salmenhaara

Greasy Lookin’ Facts

Hello everyone!
We got 600 liters of great Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from a Stibel University (a University in Denpasar) today!! Our whole team went to Yayasan Lengis Hijau today, asked some questions and got answers. Here are some of them:

How flammable is Biodiesel?
Biodiesel is not very flammable, unlike regular Diesel.

How much biodiesel does Lengis Hijau have?
Lengis hijau has approximately 6000 liters of biodiesel.

Where does the money come from to fund Lengis Hijau?
Caritas used to fund Lengis Hijau, but a year after that they independently sustain themselves by selling biodiesel.

How much UCO is produced every month in Bali?
Around 200,000 liters of UCO is monthly produced in Bali.

When did Lengis Hijau start up?
Lengis Hijau started running 6 months before the Bio Bus did.

What’s in biodiesel?
Methanol and UCO are 2 of the main ingredients in Biodiesel.

Thank you and have a greasy great rest of your week!

Britt Koens.

The Carbon Grease Marketing Hub

Hi! It’s the Bio Bus! These are our departments and what their missions are.

Project Carbon Zero

Project Carbon Zero was an idea of Green School Bali, but was eventually put in motion by 2 Green School students and is powered by the Bio Bus. Project Carbon Zero’s mission is to eventually change the world and make it a better place. Their participants are Tijn, Gede, Marein, Nicki, Marcel, Aga. This project works in the jalan jalan time of the Bio Bus. Carbon Zero’s goal is to get data, and make people use less carbon. Their 3 main anchors are: Reduce, Educate, and Insight. Their starting goal was to get the Green School’s (GS) carbon level to 00000. When they started this project, they never would have guessed how difficult and complex this project really was. They also started out calling this project Carbon Tax, but then they brainstormed and realised the cultural thoughts and negative reactions they get when the word Tax is used. Tax is a word that is very controversial and has a bad concept. They looked at the word through a cultural lens and found that in Bali the word is associated with corruption, and since they’re based in Bali, they needed to take this in concern. They already have a timeline of 12 months, planning ahead 1 whole year, and are already going to present to the GS board. It is difficult to change adults, and children will inherit this Earth, so Carbon Zero wants to empower children to change adults.

The Grease Police

Our Grease Police team is the very core of the Bio Bus. The Grease Police go around Bali with our bus and collect used cooking oil (UCO) to turn into biodiesel for our busses. In return for the UCO that they collect from the restaurants, hotels, and local warungs they give them our BioSoap. Our Bio Soap is made with the byproduct from our biodiesel , Glycerin. Glycerin is found in many beauty products like toothpaste, shaving cream, and more. The Grease Police usually collect around 300 liters of biodiesel every week. The UCO then goes to Lengis Hijau (our proud partner), who turn the UCO into biodiesel . The Grease Police team’s mission is to get UCO out of the black market and to educate people about the consequences of the way we handle UCO. Our buses fuel them and they fuel our buses.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team designs our T-shirts, logos, stickers, slogans, and about anything you can think of. They spend their time in meetings and are looking for more supporters for the Bio Bus. They are very much behind the scenes but have a huge impact on the Bio Bus and our community. Their participants are Gaia, Gayatri, Ananda, and Caterina and Pak Kyle contribute to the meetings. They have designed Bio Bus bumper stickers, slogans, t-shirts, and stickers & are currently designing Bio Bike logos, tshirts, sticker, and slogans. Gayatri has been updating our website on the side as well. They design with us and for us, helping the Bio Bus in so many ways.

Innovation Hub

We are getting a space in the Innovation Hub just outside of GS. The space is a meeting space and a lab. Were also getting a glycerin purifier so we can make more products and improve our products. This means that we can make beauty products like moisturizer, etc. and make better soap. This means we can process more of our glycerin to use instead of shipping some of it to Korea where they have the technology we don’t have yet. This will also improve our productivity, since we will have more space. The Hub for ideas, improvement, and Bio Buzzin’.

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter!

By Britt Koens.

Ridin’ In September

A brand new month of zero wastin’ is about to come! This is the Bio Bus and we’d like to catch you up with the things we did today.

We did a reflection. We had to write our job description for Bio Bus, in other words what do we do? “We realise that this is a business, and we all have a role, a job, and in order for us to have success we have to do our work” – Pak Kyle
Then we had a short meeting and everyone had a chance to tell our team members what they do for the Bio Bus.
After that we watched the part in ‘Dirty Jobs’ (link below) where the biodiesel production was explained and demonstrated. It is funny how we don’t look at Grease Policin’ and the biodiesel production and management as a ‘dirty job’, we think it’s great! Greasy great in fact.
Our new Bio Bike T-Shirts and stickers are coming soon!
The Bio Bike is almost finished, the finishing touches are being made right now by Ihno, Marein and Pak IF at the benkel!
Our Grease Police are busy collecting our UCO, and are Bio Buzzin Busy! We had a great conversation with one of our Donors, the Elephant in Ubud, and they said: “We give you our used cooking oil because we know that it is good for the environment, and it’s not always about profit.”
And our website is getting updated right now! Have a look:

Link to ‘Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe’:

Thank you for your support!
Britt Koens.

Shaky Wednesday!

A Shaky Wednesday!

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus team again. We are going to tell you about some slippery stuff!

  • We had some High School students from Frogn in Norway come and pay us a visit. We bopped around Ubud taking advantage of extra muscle to haul used cooking oil.
  • We were at the Bali Spirit Festival, and will be there all week this week.  We have a booth that we are sharing with Kembali.  Come by for a visit!
  • The Bio Bike will be ready just in time for Sustainable Solutions. It is a custom project from scratch.  We are excited to present and offer rides on this one of a kind Chopper.  Don’t miss it!
  • Please please please fill up with our Biodiesel. Next newsletter we’ll talk more about where you can buy/rent a diesel vehicle, and more details.  
  • The Grease Police collected 73 liters of UCO this week!! Thanks to Taksu, Naughty Nuri’s, Fly Café, Cafe Lotus, Arang Sate Bar, The Elephant, and a local Warung.
  • Please check out our website and sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO.

Thank you lovely community for all of your support! The link to our website is:


Slip n’ Slide

Hey guys, it’s the one and only Bio Bus again. We are going to tell you about something that we haven’t really reported about yet. The Grease Police! Here’s how our day went:


  • We looked for new cooking oil donors.
  • Then, we went to Arang State Bar, Laughing Buddha, The Elephant, Cafe Lotus, and Taksu.
  • From the generous Arang State Bar we got 36 liters, Laughing Buddha gave us 18 liters, from The Elephant we we got 26 liters, Cafe Lotus gave us 18, and from Taksu we also got 18 liters. Thank you guys!


Now some other things:

  • We just presented at the 2017 Hackathon in Canggu, at the Dojo.
  • We also did our soap making workshop.
  • Please fill your biodiesel vehicle up with our biodiesel!! For more information on where you can rent a diesel vehicle, or questions about anything, please contact Camilo or Kyle (emails listed under).
  • We will be selling our new product at the next farmers market. We are currently working on the logos for our Bio Candles.


So Greasy!

So Greasy!

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again. We would like to tell you about some things that happened this week and give you some reminders.

  • We had some teachers from the Green Educators Course visit us today. They just slid right into the grease.
  • The LEAP peeps are still working on our amazing Bio Bikes, and are very busy.
  • We will be presenting at the UN Hackathon. We’ll leave Green School at 1:15pm on the Bio Bus, and will arrive at Dojo in Canggu at 2pm to set up. Then we’ll present at 3 – 3:30pm. Our Soap making workshop will be at 3:30 – 4:30pm, and will leave at 4:30 back to GS.

Now come the reminders!

  • We just want to remind you to please sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO. The link is: Petition Bio Bus
  • Also, Please fill your diesel vehicle up at our pump station!
  • Please make sure to check out our Farm Stand at the Friday’s Farmers Market. We have some greasy great stuff! There will also be an opportunity to sign our petition there.

Thank you for your support and stick with the Grease!


Britt Koens.

With Andrea Mercer.

A Message From The Bio Bus Bosses

Hey Grease Girls and Biodiesel Boys! It’s the Bio Bus.


  • We made a SWOT analyzation for the Bio Bus. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  • The Bio Bike program is now being worked on full time in the LEAP program. They will be presenting this program and the Bio Bus in the 2017 Hackathon in Canggu which I will talk about later.
  • We have a new intern, Ibu Dita! Welcome to the Bio Bus program!
  • Last newsletter I talked about this, but there is going to be a Bio Bus roadshow featuring the play Ramayana.
  • There is going to be a Hackathon next week Wednesday and the day after a soap making workshop!
  • All of the products we have been experimenting with will be for sale at the GS farmers market!
  • The Grease Police have been working very hard on making a poster to summarise the project.
  • We have a reminder for you… Please fill your diesel vehicle up with our Bio Diesel at the only Bio diesel pump station in Indonesia. This is an amazing opportunity, and you will be able to choose a Bio Bus Bumper Sticker. We have tons of options!!
  • Please go to the bio Bus office/talk to Camillo or Kyle for more information on where to rent a diesel car. Soon there will be motor cycles!!
  • Our email is


Thanks for your attention and your support!


Britt Koens.

Bio Buzzing Busy

Hey guys! It’s the Bio Bus. We wanted to tell you about an event that happened about a week ago on Friday. We had a Bio Soap  “Give Used Cooking Oil a Second Life” Soap Carving Contest where professional carvers from all over Bali came and carved soap to win. The winner of the competition was the Swan design. Here in Bali, the swan is a common sculpture and is closely associated with Dewi Saraswati. The Swan’s sensitive beak is believed to be a symbol of the ability to differentiate good from bad. Before using the knowledge of Saraswati, it is important to differentiate between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In 2nd place, was the Ganesha design. Here in Bali, Ganesha is a dearly beloved deity. This carving is a rich cultural and religious representation of the Island of the Gods. This event was by far the most artistic, locally empowering, and creatively conceived event yet from the Lengis Hijau and Bio Bus Partnership. First we than all Balinese Carvers for participating and applying this customary art form. Terima Kasih Innok Setyawan, Tri Hermawan and the Yayasan Lengis HIJAU – YLH crew, Wayan, Yunis and others. Thanks Ra Saren and Agung Berlyn for organizing for the Green School side. Thank you our distinguished judges Indonesian Arts Institute ~ ISI Denpasar Bali, Jason Gutzmer, Pak Ira, and Bali Tourism Board. Certainly it was not easy to task with so much talent in the contest! Thanks Taj Minter and Britt Koens for the photo journalism! Jayden Ibrahim your graphic design work was brilliant! Big Suksma to Faisal, Bio Bus Driver aka Gunk Doublet and the carvers from your Banjar. Sophie Daubisse it is a pleasure to work with you on events! Rahma Nur Adzhani and Saniy Amalia Priscila, we made it happen! Thanks for the all the preplanning girls! And of course thanks John A Hardy inspiring sustainability spirit in Bali and Green School for always dreaming and doing.

Just a quick reminder, we have our new Grease Police T-shirts “to serve and collect” on sale, local essential oil scented candles, and of course our very own Bio Soap for sale at the farmers market this week.
Britt Koens.