A Shaky Wednesday!

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus team again. We are going to tell you about some slippery stuff!

  • We had some High School students from Frogn in Norway come and pay us a visit. We bopped around Ubud taking advantage of extra muscle to haul used cooking oil.
  • We were at the Bali Spirit Festival, and will be there all week this week.  We have a booth that we are sharing with Kembali.  Come by for a visit!
  • The Bio Bike will be ready just in time for Sustainable Solutions. It is a custom project from scratch.  We are excited to present and offer rides on this one of a kind Chopper.  Don’t miss it!
  • Please please please fill up with our Biodiesel. Next newsletter we’ll talk more about where you can buy/rent a diesel vehicle, and more details.  
  • The Grease Police collected 73 liters of UCO this week!! Thanks to Taksu, Naughty Nuri’s, Fly Café, Cafe Lotus, Arang Sate Bar, The Elephant, and a local Warung.
  • Please check out our website and sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO.

Thank you lovely community for all of your support! The link to our website is: